Entry #1

Looking for experienced artist

2010-08-10 12:57:45 by velgajski1

Hello, looking for experienced artist to do complete artwork for a game similar to Epic War.

Details about artwork requirements:

Payment over paypal.

My budget is 1000$ or 40% of primary sponsorship deal or combination (500$ + 20%).

Need to post games you've worked on.



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2010-10-19 21:52:33

The link is broken, anyways do you want a concept or general artist? the artist have to take care of animations as well? do you work with vectorial or standar graphics? Epic War work with standar and to my opinion it is better that way (even if it is heavier) If you are kind enought to answer these questions i would happily do some or your art so u can decide if im capable or not, as a sort of test.

Ill be waiting ur answer, pm me if u can.